Remarkable Cloud Infrastructure Hosting

At RemarkableTek, our goal is to be the Fastest, Most Reliable, and Most Helpful Cloud Infrastructure Hosting Provider.
Our storage boasts over 400 MB per second read and write. Our internet connections are some of the fastest on the planet. We maintain true “cloud” infrastructures, including virtual machine failover. We have maintained 100% uptime since early 2012. We have seven worldwide cloud locations to serve your customers, no matter where they are located.

Our Services:

Cloud Reseller Hosting

Best in class reseller hosting that’s made for web developers and internet professionals who need to host websites. With this partnership solution, you control all aspects of the hosting service such as support & billing, while leveraging our remarkable performing, highly fault tolerant cloud hosting platform.Learn More

Cloud Servers (IaaS)

We provide fault tolerant Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud servers that use state of the art failover technology and pure SSD storage. This enables our 100% uptime guarantee while maintaining remarkable performance, and all at a comparable cost of other “non-cloud” and non-SSD providers.Learn More

We Earn the Trust of Our Customers

At RemarkableTek, our word still means something. We work hard to make sure we do what we say we’ll do, in a friendly and courteous way.

Why Choose Us?

We provide personal support by getting to know you and your business. Anyone can say they have great support; we live it. All support is handled by us, located in Colorado, on a personal level with a friendly touch.

Managed or Unmanaged

Our plans give you the option of “unmanaged” or “managed”, whichever you prefer. Forget about worrying about your infrastructure!

Partner with Us

RemarkableTek aims to be a true partner of your business, getting to know you and your business and your unique requirements. We can help your business succeed without you worrying about your servers, applications and infrastructure.

Some of Our Partners

We have hand-picked several leading companies to partner with in order to provide our customers the best of options for their cloud hosting, website security and client management requirements.
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