Providing 24/7 Remote IT Solutions and
Support for Small Businesses

Providing 24/7 Remote IT Solutions and Support for Small Businesses

Time is precious in the world of business. The last thing you want is to sit around and wait until a technician arrives to address your IT-related problem. With our help, you can get your IT operations running again. We’ll connect to your computer remotely and fix the issues disrupting your business activities as soon as possible.

RemarkableTEK offers small businesses with reliable, 24/7 remote support to fix IT-related issues quickly and mitigate the downtime and disruption caused by the problem. Simply submit a support ticket, and our knowledgeable and friendly technicians will arrange a time to log into your computer remotely, figure out the problem, and fix the issue.

Apart from the typical IT system fixes, we can do the following remotely:

Software Installation

Our technicians install newly purchased software on your office computers. Just give us a heads-up and we’ll take care of the installation.

Data Backup Management

Regular backup is crucial to safeguard your data from hardware failure and other problems. Our technicians will help you back up valuable data on your work PCs.

Internet Browser Support

We fix browser-related issues so that your employees can access websites properly. We’ve trained our staff to troubleshoot and repair various browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari.

Mobile Support

Besides PCs, our technicians have the skills and experience to fix smartphone-related programs. If you need help with an app or require assistance in setting up your new corporate mobile phone, just let us know. We use a tool that allows you to grant remote access to our mobile repair technicians.

Virus Removal

Your viruses and malware are a thing of the past. We use anti-virus tools to eliminate these malicious programs. Apart from removing viruses, our technicians provide helpful tips on how you and your employees can prevent these destructive programs from compromising your IT infrastructure.

Call 1-602-726-8366 if you have any inquiries about our reliable remote IT solutions and support services.​

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