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Server & Workstation Maintenance

We’ll monitor and maintain your server and workstation, working to catch any bugs or issues before they even happen. We provide automatic updates and patches, as well as additional security with regular backups and testing. We’ll protect your business from viruses and malware, and even help you troubleshoot, install new software, and more!

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Network Setup & Maintenance

Let us help your new or growing business by setting up your network and providing regular maintenance! We’ll evaluate the site, design the most effective networking layout, and implement for you. You’ll get the best wireless connection and we’ll make sure that your servers can store even the largest of digital files without slowing your business down! Then we’ll monitor, manage, and maintain your systems.

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Email & Software Support

Get the reliable email and software support your business needs. We’ll set you up with a user-friendly interface with all of the emailing functions you need. We’ll even transfer your previous data, and provide round-the-clock assistance for all of your office computers and mobile devices! Whatever type of email or software support you need, you can count on RemarkableTek.

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Offsite & Onsite Emergency Support

If you have an emergency, our team of professional IT experts are on standby! We offer both onsite and offsite support, and we can solve most problems within the first 24 hours or less (issues that require new equipment or hardware may take longer).

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RemarkableTek is your one-stop shop for all of your IT needs. We provide both services and support by the hour, both on-site and off-site. Our unique proactive support will give your business the edge it needs so that IT issues are prevented before they even occur!

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We Can Also Help With…

Hosting Services

RemarkableTek has engineered the latest infrastructure, software and personal support to power your hosting. No other provider can match our features, infrastructure speed and our 24/7 Singular Support™. Our variety of hosting services will completely support your business and its hosting needs!

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Business Services

Your business is our business. Our team of professional IT experts are here to support all of your IT needs! We’ll help you with Internet connectivity services, phone services, regular tech and troubleshooting support. We’ll even help you with web design, marketing, and hosting!

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Remote Tech Support

We’ll take all of the guess work out of keeping your devices healthy and functioning at optimal levels! No more worry, no more frustrations. Simply open a support ticket and our team of tech experts will schedule a time at your convenience to remotely log into your PC, diagnose, and fix the issue.

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WordPress Hosting Backed by RemarkableTek Assurance™

Remove the worry and confusion about your WordPress hosting. RemarkableTek offers highly scalable, WordPress optimized hosting which you can use any theme or plugin you want. Best of all, your site is backed by our RemarkableTek Assurance™ program- simply put, we’ll satisfy the requirements of your plan and if your site isn’t operating at peak performance, we’ll do whatever is needed to fix it.

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Domain Names

Your unique address on the internet, a domain name is your identity on the web. Order your domain through RemarkableTek and enjoy free domain locking, free identity private whois, free email forwarding and automatic easy renewals. Plus pick from the latest top level domain options!

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Spam Filtering by Spam Experts™

We have partnered with Spam Experts™ to deliver server-wide outgoing Spam Filtering. This helps avoid IP blacklisting and improves IP reputation. The result is never worrying about if your email is being sent or not. We also offer incoming spam filtering which uses breaking edge technology to block spam. We even guarantee that it will block 99.9% of spam before it hits your inbox.

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Exclusive IT Solutions & Hosting Provider

Ready for blazing fast service and results? Switch to RemarkableTek. We have built our entire platform from the ground up, selecting only the best infrastructure, software and people. The result is that RemarkableTek is the fastest and most reliable IT and hosting provider for your IT requirements.


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