Cloudflare CDN and Security - How does it work?

Give us 5 minutes to explain the CloudFlare service and we’ll supercharge your website.


We are pleased to offer you the CloudFlare service for FREE. There is no commitment. We make the process of setting up CloudFlare “1 click easy” through your existing RemarkableTek cPanel dashboard. Just look for the CloudFlare icon, choose the domain you want to enable, and click the orange cloud. That’s it! We think you’ll like it.

We’ve kept the price as low as possible and plans offered through RemarkableTek are free. Moreover, we never charge you for bandwidth or storage, therefore saving you tons via reduced bandwidth costs.

For site owners who would like to take advantage of CloudFlare’s advanced offerings, we also offer a ‘Pro’ tier of service for $20/month. The ‘Pro’ tier includes all of the ‘Free’ tier’s offerings, as well as extra features like SSL, full web application firewall and faster analytics.

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