Fast and Powerful Fiber Internet

Does your company depend on the “information superhighway”, but your speeds have you stuck at a “information stop light”?

Enterprise grade fiber optic network!

Today’s businesses need internet and data speeds that can keep up to their ever increasing demands. Not just for processing customer transactions but for analyzing trends, keeping connected to far flung offices, employees and data centers and spurring innovation. It is only with an enterprise grade fiber optic network that this can be made possible; just like the top companies in America!


Fiber-optic internet service provides the ultimate in speeds and stability for companies that need it.

Fiber optic connectivity

  • Fiber connectivity internet is data carried by a lightweight, thin optic fiber made of glass that actually transports data via light
  • Since the fiber is made of glass and does not require electricity in the process of data transmission it is less susceptible to power outages and is not affected by electrical interference like DSL
  • It also helps cut down on damage by surges through a typical DSL line.
  • The only potential issue with fiber is its availability in comparison to DSL or cable. Yet if you are located in a major center there should be no issue with getting fiber installed to your door.
  • Where fiber optic connectivity truly excels is its speed of up to 10 Gbps up or down where typical DSL or cable max out around 50 down and 25 up, even with “business class” connectivity.
  • It is these limiting speeds that are getting companies to transfer to fiber in droves.

Service that guarantees uptime!

Stop dealing with service outages and slow speeds; get serious about your data with fiber optic connectivity from a service company that provides excellence in service and a Service Level Agreement that guarantees uptime.

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