The challenge all small businesses face is always the same – Marketing – growing your business. Once you’ve spent a healthy marketing budget to bring in customers, you want to do everything you can to keep those customers coming back. Easier said than done right?

Queue Social Wifi! What is Social Wifi? How is it useful? And how can I get it? These are all important questions that we will discuss here.

What is Social Wifi?
We’ve all seen the power of Social Media. For a business, it’s a powerful way of reaching your current customers, and having them help spread the word about your business. In order for Social Media to work effectively in that way though, you need your customers sharing and liking your site.

In a nutshell, Social Wifi is a way for you to reward your on premise visitors for connecting with you “socially” — you reward them with Wifi! Perhaps you’ve seen this already : You are sitting at the doctors office or in a restaurant and connect to their Wifi. Immediately, you are redirected to a page to like them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or share your Email address in order to connect to their Wifi.

How is it useful?
Well, obviously a like of your Facebook page is a very useful thing. Suddenly all of their friends see your like and are driven to your Facebook page. Same can be said for other social media. If they provide their email address or phone number – you can add them to your email marketing campaign. Maybe you can start automatically emailing them promotions, or new services as you release them. Great way to keep your existing customers coming back, right?

How can I get it?
Great question. And without being a total sales pitch – I will quickly tell you RemarkableTEK can help you finding the perfect solution. Feel free to contact us to discuss your desires and needs.  There’s many companies are there offering just this service.

Think about the different businesses that could benefit from this virtually free marketing tool – Doctors Offices, Dentists, Hair and Nail Salons, Lawyers, Restaurants and Bars… anywhere that has a waiting room, or where people casually hang out.