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How to Implement a Ransomware Backup Strategy

Modern businesses are managed almost entirety through software, web services, and digital files. We all rely on a stack of software technology and stored data to handle day-to-day business tasks. Disaster recovery is your protection if something goes wrong. If a ransomware virus takes your computer’s encryption hostage, the right ransomware backup strategy can have your team back online with everything you need to conduct business as usual. Here is how to backup your data. 1. Version Control Backups Version control is something many project development and collaboration software products will like. These backups......

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How to Protect Your Computer Systems From Ransomware

How to Protect Your Computer Systems From Ransomware Are you concerned about the safety of the information stored on your computer? Whether you use your computer for pleasure, work, or both, it can be susceptible to ransomware. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that ransomware damages will surpass $11.5 billion by 2019. This annual figure represents the global impact caused by this dangerous software. This threat means you must place an emphasis on the security of your computer system. But, what can you do to guard your system against the threat of these attacks? Read on......

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Ransomware – What is it and How to Protect Yourself

Ransomware – What is it and How to Protect Yourself Perhaps you have heard of Ransomware. It’s quite popular in recent years. Popular – not in a good way. What is Ransomware? Ransomware another virus or malware that will slowly encrypt your files and/or cripple your computer to the point of being useless until you pay a ‘ransom’ to get access again. The scary thing about ransomware is that you often don’t know you are infected until it’s too late, and all of your files are encrypted. All of your priceless photos, videos,......

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