Cloud Computing

IT Solutions: The Top 6 Benefits to Managed Services

Why should you outsource your IT services? Here are the top six benefits to choosing managed services for all of your IT needs. You’ve always made protecting your business and getting as much done in a workday as you can a huge priority.  But lately?  It seems like your IT issues are causing you stress, eating into your productivity, and most of all, eating into your business’s profits.  You know that it’s time for a change. Thinking about making the switch to outsourced managed IT services, but want to understand why it’s really worth......

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Playing Catch-Up: How Does the Cloud Work and What Exactly Is It?

Do you feel left behind when people talk about the cloud? How does the cloud work? What is it? We’re answering those questions in this post. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day on earth, we’re filling up servers faster than we could ever have imagined. With all of this data, there’s an increased need for access, leading companies to wonder “how does the cloud work?” and how it can work for them. If you’re new to the idea of storing and accessing data from remote locations worldwide, you need to get......

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